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Creative Counselling

What is Creative Counselling?

Creative Counselling is effective with Young People, with the therapist providing opportunities for the Young Person to explore verbally and creatively their feelings and thoughts. 

Creative Counselling assists the Young People to learn more about themselves, clear-up their cluttered emotions or thoughts, learn to accept themselves and to become more mature and self-confident.

Creative Counselling supports Young People to find the appropriate words to describe their emotions.  They are supported to verbalise key concerns, meanings and memories which may occur when emotional arousal is raised.

Creative Counselling helps Young People to identify and verbalise their wishes, needs, behaviours and goals associated with emotions and feelings.

Creative Counselling provides opportunities to experiment with new behaviour in a safe environment, be it in individual sessions or in a group. Group work is effective for making friends, becoming assertive, and learning skills and coping mechanisms from other Young People who have similar problems or challenges.

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